What it Feels Like to Fight with Your Brain

I fight with my brain everyday. Some days are way worse than others, but regardless, it’s everyday. Now, what does this mean? Fighting with my brain means that I have sometimes have extremely elevated emotions about a topic I know and understand the logical thinking behind. It seems weird and complicated, but here’s a fairlyContinue reading “What it Feels Like to Fight with Your Brain”

Thoughts on Therapy

Isn’t weird how the people who have never been to therapy seem to have the loudest opinions about it? “Therapy is for the weak.” “Therapy is just an excuse to complain to somebody.” “Therapy is a waste of time and money.” “Therapy is for soft people who don’t know how to handle things on theirContinue reading “Thoughts on Therapy”

What Mental Asylums are Like

Everything I have seen about mental asylums has made these facilities, and the people inside of them, look dark and dangerous. I think the stigma around mental asylums is extremely exaggerated by the media around us, which leads us believe that they are only for tremendously unstable/crazy people, and if we go to one, weContinue reading “What Mental Asylums are Like”